The 2012 edition of the SMPGD workshop will take place in Lyon on January 26-27th.

This workshop is an annual meeting dedicated to statistical methods for post genomic data analysis. The aim of the workshop is to present works from mathematical to applied statistics, but also new areas in high throughput biology that could need new statistical developments.

Past editions were in Paris (2011), Marseille (2010), and Paris (2009). The 2012 edition will be organized in Lyon by the LBBE.

Conference Site: La Rotonde, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
La ROTONDE, avenue des Arts, INSA, Campus de la Doua, 69100 Villeurbanne

Final Program is available:

PDF - 133.3 kb

Invited Speakers:

Invited Sessions:

Contact: smpgd2012 [at]